‘HIV Made Me Fabulous’ film relies on science and embodied storytelling to counter stigma and discrimination

“We can’t demonize the very stuff that sometimes has made us be the people that we are.” So says Juno Roche, a writer, activist and trans woman who has lived with HIV for over 25 years. Roche wrote and narrated the film HIV Made Me Fabulous, a 10-minute piece that combines narrative and dance, and was directed and produced [...]

Dramatizing A #MeToo Story

It’s been more than four months since The Morning Show was released on Apple TV+. If you haven’t you seen the series yet, I reckon that self-isolation makes for a perfect time to stay home and catch up on…well…everything. Inspired by the book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV and resembling [...]

Feigning Pleasure

Most women, at one time or another, have faked an orgasm. Perhaps that’s why so many women can relate to that classic scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ Almost everyone does it! Thirty years on, research still supports this claim. A new study in Archives of Sexual Behaviour, led by Dr. Debby Herbenick and her colleagues at Indiana University, shows [...]

More Than A Body

Exercise more and lose weight are among the most common New Year’s resolutions each year. For some of us, these decisions can make a huge difference to our health. Often, though, we fall for unrealistic expectations from society that pushes vanity and thinness more than anything. We have become both the creators and consumers of [...]

When Sex Hurts

I recently published study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine which surveyed more than 1,500 women ages 18 and older in the United States about their experiences of painful sex. Most women identified as heterosexual (87 per cent) and were either married or living with their partner (70 per cent). About one in four women reported [...]

Body Image: The Art of Not Giving A F**k

I’ve struggled with body confidence at different points in my life, especially in my twenties. But my thirties were a sweet spot for a shift in thinking about body image. In 2015, shortly after my thirtieth birthday, I started by PhD and began studying many of aspects of sexuality that had been a mystery to me, [...]

The Sexually Liberated Woman

A recent headline in The Independent read, “Millennial Women Having Twice As Much Sex As Older Generations But Half As Many Orgasms.” The article presented findings from a survey of 2,100 people aged 18 to 70, conducted by online sex toy retailer Lovehoney ahead of Sexual Happiness Day on 21 April 2019. They found that 39 per [...]

Why You’ve Likely Never Used The Female Condom

The female condom (also called the internal condom) was unveiled some 25 years ago and celebrated as a bold step forward for women’s sexual autonomy and reproductive health. It can be inserted into the vagina or anus hours before sex. It doesn’t require a full erection to be effective. And it offers better protection from [...]

Navigating The Murky Waters Of Desire, Wanting, And Consent

People have sex (from kissing to intercourse) for all sorts of reasons. Ideally, there is mutual desire and the experience is pleasurable. But sex can be unwanted, one-sided, or transactional, even in long-term, loving relationships. Conversely, others may have desire, and pursue and find pleasure, in casual sexual activity, ranging from one-night stands to longer-term [...]